Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

The University of Western Australia is committed to being a high-quality student-centred teaching university and a high-performing research-intensive university, with an international focus for its activities and standards.

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As well as offering an outstanding student learning experience, the University is committed to ensuring equitable access to its courses and the life-changing educational opportunities that the University offers.

Leadership in Education

The education mission of UWA is intrinsic to the purpose of the University. A fundamental way in which the University advances “the prosperity and welfare of the people”, both individually and collectively, is by educating students and producing graduates, who will contribute economically, culturally and socially, and provide leadership to their communities.

The Universities Education Priorities  will continue to focus on progressing the seven priority areas detailed in the UWA Education Futures Vision and the Leadership in Education strategic goals outlined in the Strategic Plan 2014 – 2020.

Teaching and Learning at UWA
Teaching and Learning at the University has been nationally recognised and acknowledged as among the best in Australia. We regularly measure our teaching performance, reward excellence in teaching and encourage staff and students to participate in University and national awards.
UWA teacher's toolkit
To enhance your University teaching experience, the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning provides professional development and practical support to teachers and postgraduate students. A range of resources are available, based on sound policies and planning and supported by University and national grants.
The student learning experience
To continue to improve your learning experience is a University priority. Here you will find policies that support students, a Charter of student rights and responsibilities, Educational Principles that are encouraged in all students and a range of Student Support Services.