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Quality and performance indicators

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Quality assurance

The University's high quality Teaching and Learning is measured by a range of performance indicators and has been recognised at a national level.

Quality assurance and improvement are embodied in the University's planning and decision-making processes. The University systematically monitors and accounts for its performance in relation to its plans through the Cycle of Planning and Accountability

    Quality assurance  

    As a result of the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) audit report of 2009, the University has received national recognition and commendations for a number of achievements.

    Performance indicators for Teaching and Learning

    The University is committed to continual improvement and uses a range of teaching and learning performance indicators to assess the performance of its faculties (including majors and fields of study) and the University as a whole, against key targets and strategies contained in its planning documents and compared to other universities. 

    Composite Teaching and Learning Indicators data are annually circulated and used throughout the University to identify aspects of present performance for both commendation and for focussed attention for improvement.  These indicators are provided both in hard copy and via the University‚Äôs Executive Information System (EIS).

    In addition, Teaching and Learning Indicators are used primarily by the Federal Government to award universities for excellence in teaching via the Learning and Teaching Performance Fund.

    Teaching Quality Indicators Project

    The University is implementing a number of proposals that it piloted in 2007-2008 as part of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council project for the development of a framework of teaching quality indicators and outcomes.

    From 2009 the TQI project includes introduction of a new Teaching Criteria Framework for academic staff preparing portfolios, and a benchmarking exercise to be carried out with Macquarie University.