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Chalmers, Denise, 'Teaching and Learning Indicators in Australia' in Academy Exchange, Winter 2007

The University has introduced a number of projects to improve the way it rewards and recognises teaching staff as part of a national Teaching Quality Indicators project.

  1. Pilot project
  2. Teaching criteria framework
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Database of Teaching and Learning policy and practice

Pilot project

In 2007-2008 the University was one of eight pilot institutions to take part in the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) project for the development and implementation of a framework that identifies indicators and outcomes of teaching quality at institutional and individual levels.

The project was responding to a growing need for Australian higher education institutions to take an agreed approach to recognising and rewarding quality teaching, and to provide intellectual leadership in deciding which indicators best measure the quality of teaching in Australian Universities. 

The national framework developed by Professor Denise Chalmers of UWA is based on a comprehensive review of the international context, the research literature on quality teaching and learning indicators, and the teaching and learning indicators in use.

Projects at the University focused on enhancing the reward and recognition of teaching and teaching staff through the better collection of information and the development of criteria and indicators for evaluating good quality teaching. The final report of the UWA pilot project was submitted in December 2008.

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Teaching criteria framework

The University's teaching criteria framework, developed as part of the Teaching Quality Indicators (TQI) project in 2008, sets criteria which are used for the development of staff and the evaluation of their teaching. The framework was introduced in early 2009 and is being implemented across the University.

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In 2009 the University, in conjunction with Macquarie University, produced benchmark statements for the reward and recognition of learning and teaching quality.

Rewards Recognition [RTF, 2.7 MB]
Updated 23 Sep 2009

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Database of Teaching and Learning policy and practice 

The database summarises policy, conventional practice and innovative projects regarding teaching and learning practices in the faculties and central administration of UWA.

The database encourages collaboration and enhances understanding of Teaching and Learning across the University.

Displayed across 10 categories, the information may include:

  • policy links
  • basic information to compare practice across faculties
  • conceptual understandings of the purpose of the policy.

For further details, contact the Teaching and Learning representative of your faculty or the relevant central office, or to update the database contact Annette Stewart.

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